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Revital Exotic Jewelry & Apparel is the culmination of a true love for world travel, adventure, and nearly two decades of hands on experiences in the jewelry and textiles trade. Revital and David Romanoff explore exotic locales worldwide, including India, Nepal, Tibet, Israel, Thailand, and more……to source out the pieces we share with you.

Our true passion is to be able to meet amazing artisans and families, who have passed on their skilled trades from generation to generation. We are welcomed into their homes and hearts. With every purchase, we know that we are supporting entire families and communities, enabling them to continue their trade. We are excited to continue bringing new and unique pieces. We hope you enjoy them, along with the energy they possess. 

Every product is specially sourced for you.  Everything is handmade, using only the finest raw materials, .925 sterling silver, semi precious stones,  and organic fabrics & dyes.   We hand-pick each item from Artisans throughout the world, providing employment with equitable wages and clean, safe working conditions.  These products fuse our vision of high quality standards and ethical business practices.  We promote Fair Trade, and all the philosophies it encompasses!

Positive Energy makes for Positive Experiences!


How was the idea for Revital Imports was born ?

We always had a passion for jewelry, and specifically exotic and ethnic jewelry.  Through our extensive world travels, we were inspired by the pieces we saw in the various stores and markets.   It was very difficult to locate these types of unique pieces anywhere in the US.  We came up with the idea to source these pieces, and then set out on a grand adventure to locate the artists who were making them.  We did as much research as we could, as well as speaking to several of our peers around the world in order to pin point the best spots to start our search.  From there the adventure began.  We have not looked back since.   We travel every year to different parts of the world to source all of our unique pieces.


Who is Revital?

Revital has been working in the retail space for 20 years.   She had managed and grown other peoples businesses, and made them very successful.  Every store she worked for saw huge sales growth because of Revitals’ sales abilities, and more importantly.... her ability to connect with people.  She has worked in womens retail selling womens apparel and jewelry.  After meeting her future husband, she made the move to Chicago from Israel.  It was here that they collaborated the idea to start her own business, doing what she loves and doing what she does best.  Revital is a seasoned world traveler, and has spent time exploring all the corners of the globe.  

Revital is also a Master Reiki therapist, reflexologist, and is certified in holistic nutrition and health and wellness coaching.   She has a very deep intuition and a desire to help others mentally and physically….but most importantly to have the spiritual connection that will help others succeed in life and to reach their wellness goals to achieve their optimal performance.  Furthermore, she will also be a licensed and accredited personal trainer and life coach.  She has a serious love for all things health and fitness.

Who is David?

David has been a successful business owner for the past 20 years.   He currently owns two other businesses. The Romanoff Group, which is a real estate and investment management company. Additionally, he is the owner of Move Logic Pro, which is a world recognized logistics and fleet management platform.  With his business ownership experience, interpersonal skills, and sales background… was the perfect fit for him to collaborate with Revital to launch their own brand and business. 

David is also a seasoned world traveler.  He has spent his entire life exploring different countries and absorbing the many cultures.   His true passion is to learn how other people live, and how other cultures thrive.   Also, David is a serious foodie and chef.   He loves to explore the culinary arts of other cultures.


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